Personal Styling for Every Occasion.

We are your local go-to girls for personal styling.

We offer private and personalized wardrobe consultation for your individual lifestyle in our coastal area. Our focus is to maximize your wardrobe by creating new outfits with your existing clothing and then to help you shop smart for items needed to finish off the look and image you want to project.

it’s as easy as…


We start with an in-home consultation to see what you already have in your existing wardrobe.


We identify your needs, wants and desires to create your personalized
Wardrobe Essentials List.


Then it's on to the Sister's favorite step…shopping! We will shop for you, with you, or both!


Save You Time

  • Prioritize your shopping needs so that you do not waste time wandering in the mall or ordering items on line that are not going to work.
  • Identify styles and brands that work for you cutting down on trial and error in the dressing room.
  • Shop for you so you can avoid the tireless experience all together.

Save You Money

  • No more wasting money on clothes you will not wear.
  • Avoid common mistakes buying similar items over and over again.
  • Make better use of the clothes you already own.
  • Advise where to spend money and how to save.

Personalized Wardrobe

  • Help you get a clear picture of who you are and how you want to look.
  • Advise on current trends and translate them into something you can wear and show you how to use accessories.
  • Advise on current trends and translate them into something you can wear.
  • Identify gaps in your wardrobe and shop to fill them.
  • Get you looking like the ideal version of you so that you can enjoy all the compliments!