I started with a closet audit 3 years ago and have been working with Kerry and Colleen for the past 3 years. It has been fabulous! They helped me clean out all the unstylish, unflattering items in my closet and made suggestions on how to use pieces in my closet to make “new” outfits. My favorite part was going to the mall (which I normally hate) with my “Wardrobe Essentials List” in hand of strategic items to use with what I already have to make updated mix and match, effortless looking, professional outfits. They introduced me to brands that I was not aware of that have now become my staples.

The “List” is SO helpful because it helps me avoid common mistakes I was making. In the long run, using the Sisters has saved me countless hours and money because I’m not running all over the mall, clueless buying something I may or may not wear a few times that essentially goes with nothing that I already own.

Elizabeth L.

Legal Professional

Kerry and Colleen styled me for a family wedding recently and I was very pleased with the results. I was tired of wearing the same bland outfits to every event #uniform #blueblazer #khakis. I was running out of time and had no luck walking into a department store asking for help. The Sisters took the time to understand what I was comfortable with and created a look that was current and polished.



Because of my body type I hate shopping! I am petite I Can never find anything to wear and just end up leaving the mall frustrated. I Do not like pushy sales-people and crowded malls. Kerry and Colleen make shopping enjoyable by keeping it as brief as possible. They pre-shop for me utilizing pinterest and other tools to narrow down my likes and dislikes. You are both exceptional at picking the right clothes for the right personality. You don’t make people fit what you buy but rather the other way around. That’s a true gift!! Now I actually have options in my closet! I am amazed at how painless the process can be!

Maura S.

Caterer/Business Owner

I LOVE my new clothes and shoes – I feel more confidant and ready for a successful day in them. You are gifted and I had a lot of fun working with you! My business venture went really well, and my new clothes and accessories were the perfect blend of professional, comfortable and practical. Thank you for stalking the racks to get such great buys. Being introduced to your opinions helped me think outside of the same ole’ same ole that often discouraged me when making my wardrobe choices EVERY day. I wouldn’t have had time, insight or, patients to dig through the sales. Thank you for the perfect choices. I wear every single piece that we chose together. I especially appreciate how well you listened to me and were responsive if a particular garment didn’t work. I am inspired with my new look and feel empowered as a businesswoman.

Stefani H.

Real Estate Agent