The Sisters

Since 2013, as independent, local, fashion experts and certified stylists, Kerry and Colleen have been using their experience, knowledge, intuitive skills & creativity to outfit their happy clients.

Teaching them how to make the most of their assets, streamlining their wardrobes and skyrocketing their confidence. They operate from the philosophy that money alone does not buy style, and that each person can feel and look their best, no matter their budget or lifestyle. They truly enjoy working with women and men from all walks of life to discover, construct, and own their personal style. Acting as a down-to-earth, trusted friends they deliver honest and respectful assessments in a way that points toward possibility, never judgment.

As you already know, shopping for clothes is one of the most time consuming activities there is, Period!  If you don’t like shopping, or you’re not good at it, the whole experience can go downhill quickly.

At first you might not think a Personal Stylist would save you money, but here’s the deal.  Think about how many clothes you’ve bought over the years that are hanging in your closet unworn. And if you’re honest with yourself, how many of those clothes make you look Damn Good? Probably not too many!! The Sisters know fashion and can save you money by helping you get it right – the first time.

Building and maintaining a wardrobe requires a strategy to get what you need while staying on budget and they’ve got that down! Clients are often concerned about how we’ll dress them, and rightly so. The truth is, the styling process begins with getting to know YOU and your lifestyle FIRST. The goal is to have you looking like your best version of YOU. Comfortable, confident and effortless – not like you’re trying too hard.